RES Documents & Processes
New Members / Subscription to TC-RES:
  • From your institutional e-mail, contact the Chair expressing your interest of joining the TC-RES. Please attach a short CV, highlighting your expertise in the field. (mandatory)
  • Add your info in the members catalog. (mandatory)
  • Introduce yourself in the TC-RES mailing list via a short email to (Optional)

Existing Members — periodically check:

Removal from TC-RES:

  • Send an e-mail to the Chair with your intention of being removed from the TC-RES. (mandatory)
  • Unsubscribe from the IES-TCRES mailing list (mandatory)
  • Remove your name from the members catalog. (mandatory)

Note: in order to edit the documents (in googledocs), you will need to (i) log in with your IEEE address or (ii) additionally include your IEEE address to your gmail account (as an alternate email). For option (i) in case you have not set it up, have in mind that IEEE members can freely get a gmail-based IEEE address. If you dont have an IEEE address, you may request access via your private gmail account (after subscribing to the mailing list).