Motivation and Scope
Renewable Energy Systems have been in the spotlight of scientific research for more than 20 years. The development of the technology, as well as the push from the national and international bodies to reduce the carbon emission has recently caused a massive development in this field. The committee brings together experts from multiple topics of electrical engineering (power electronics, electrical machines, smart grids, intelligent systems etc.) with the objective to contribute to the development and increase the adoption of these energy sources, which seem the key to continue the human development as we know it.

Current research in the area of Renewable Energy Systems can be generally listed as follows.
  • Modeling and Control or Renewable Energy Sources, for example, but not limited to: photovoltaic, wind, tidal.
  • Electronics system for the exploitation of renewable energies.
  • Management and planning of renewable energy systems in the electrical grid.
  • Smart systems for the integration of renewable energy sources.